• Hair Transplant Infomercials – Selling The Dream

    It is no secret that the questionable side of the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry actively preys on our feelings of desperation, vulnerability and fears about losing our hair. They are literally banking on the fact that most hair loss sufferers will do and try just about anything in hopes of effectively treating their hair loss.

    Recently a forum member of Baldtruthtalk.com voiced his concerns about surgical hair restoration infomericals in a thread titled, “Infomercials on Hair Transplants.” His post presents some thought provoking questions about society’s perception of hair transplant surgery.

    Listen to Spencer Kobren’s audio response here, or click onto the forum to read and comment on the thread.


  • Cutting Edge and Future Hair Loss Treatments – Will Regenerative Medicine Change Everything?

    Most scientists agree that the future of healing is regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is based on a relatively simple concept: When we are injured or when or are stricken with disease, our bodies begin a natural defense or healing process. Scientists are working on methods to harness the body’s power to heal and then accelerate it in clinically significant ways.

    What if we could make ourselves heal faster or better? What if we could harness the power from within our own bodies to eradicate cancer, or heart disease? What if we could grow organs from our own cells to replace those that can no longer function? Well, this is already happening and it’s beginning to change lives.

    In 2006 Dr. Anthony Atala and his colleagues at Wake Forest University in North Carolina dramatically changed the lives of seven children and young teens who were suffering with spina bifida, a congenital birth defect that stunts brain and spinal cord development. The disease can leave patients with bladders that don’t function normally causing a host of issues including incontinence. Read more ›

  • Nalts “Comes Out” To Talk About Hair Transplants | This Week on The Bald Truth 8/23/09

    Kevin Nalty, “Viral Video Genius,” joins the guys to discuss his recent hair transplant procedure with IAHRS accepted Member Dr. Alan Bauman of Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Bauman (SurgeonofNalts) Will also be joining the guys to discuss the procedure and Nalts’ hair growth prognosis.

    This is a show you won’t want to miss! Read more ›



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