• I Have Tourettes, Is It Still Possible To Have A Hair Transplant?

    Spencer Kobren and Joe Tillman field a variety of calls ranging from a guy who recently had temporary Trycopigmentation to a hair loss sufferer with Tourette syndrome trying to find a clinic who would be willing to take on his unique case. If you’re considering hair transplantation it is vital that you are aware there limitations and that understanding who makes the best candidates for the procedure is not always as cut and dry as it may seem.

    ‘s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network

  • Donald Trump’s Hair Is Real, Now Let’s Move On!

    Donald Trump is certainly the definition of the American dream, and as a Republican presidential hopeful, he’s running on the platform of “Making America Great Again.” You would think that the mainstream media would have more to discuss about this non-apologetic, take no prisoners, controversial political “outsider,” than whether or not his equally famous head of hair is real or not, but sadly, the fascination with Mr.Trump’s hair continues.

    Spencer Kobren, IAHRS accepted member Dr. Alan Bauman and the original Hair Transplant Mentor, Joe Tillman discuss the truth about Donald Trump’s hair as well as the world’s fascination with it. This is a show you won’t want to miss!

    ‘s The Bald Truth is internationally syndicated through the GFQ Network



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