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    • Cosmetic surgeon / Board certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

    Dr. Glenn Charles was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University he obtained his medical degree from Nova Southeastern University School of medicine in North Miami Beach, Fl. Dr. Charles then completed an internship and residency at Michigan State University affiliated hospitals before acting as the primary physician trainer in hair transplant surgery for a large hair transplant organization from 1997-1999. He opened his own boutique private practice, Charles Medical Group in 1999.

    Dr. Charles is the past President and a current Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and sat on their Surgery Examination Committee for eight years.

    Dr. Charles is active in several medical societies including The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery (IAHRS).
    Author and Editor of Hair Transplantation and Hair Transplant 360, the most widely recognized hair transplant textbooks, Dr. Charles regularly has articles published in the Hair Transplant Forum International and is an annual faculty lecturer at the ISHRS annual conference and sits on their Core Curriculum Committee. He recently performed hair transplant surgery at the World Hair Society annual live surgery workshop.

    Among the first surgeons in the world to acquire the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System, Dr. Charles serves as a Clinical Trainer for Restoration Robotics and Charles Medical Group serves as a Clinical Observation Center training other surgeons from across the world in the most cutting-edge hair restoration techniques. Dr. Charles has trained physicians from as far as South America, Europe and Asia.

    Dr. Charles specializes exclusively in the practice of hair transplant surgery and prides himself on giving his patients the most natural and undetectable hair transplant results. Limiting his practice to hair restoration for over 20 years has set him apart from the rest. Providing one-on-one consultations with his patients, he considers Charles Medical Group a medical art clinic and offers a custom treatment plan for each individual.

    Academic Recognition and Accomplishments


    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Annual Conference
    •San Francisco, October 1999
    •Speaker – “Is sleeping in the upright position necessary following hair transplant surgery?”

    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Conference
    •Hawaii, November 2000
    •Speaker – “Hair Transplantation in the Afro-American Patient”
    •”Simple changes in the Hair Transplant office to make patients experience better”

    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual conference
    •Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, October 2001

    The World Hair Society Live Surgery Workshop 2000
    •Performed live surgery as faculty member

    The World Hair Society Live Surgery Workshop 2001
    •Performed live surgery as faculty member


    •”A Perspective of Hair Transplantation”
    Hairzone, PAI Medical Group Journal November 1998

    •”Direct Comparison of Upright vs. Supine Sleep Position Following Hair Restoration surgery”
    Hair Transplant Forum International 1999

    •”Hair Transplantation in the Afro-American Patient”
    ISHRS Hair Transplant Forum International

    •How to improve a patients overall surgical experience


    •Television – News (FOX) channel 7 Health Beat Report on Hair Transplantation
    Aired April 1999

    •Television – News (FOX) channel 7 Health Beat Report on Laser Hair Removal
    Aired June 1999

    •Article – International Medical News Group Publication November 1999

    •Book – “The Bald of Truth” Author Spencer Kobren one of a highly selective group of
    Physicians recommended for performing state of the art techniques
    Published May 2002


    •Elected to be member of Examination Committee of American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, May 2001

    • Invited to be member of International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery, February 2002

    •Merck Medical Advisory Board for Propecia 2001

    Dr. Charles is recommended by The American Hair Loss Association and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

  • Hair Loss at 25, Need To Find an Low Cost Treatment

    Hello, my name is J.Freeman. I am 25 years old and have been noticing hair loss for approximately a year. I do not have insurance and cannot afford Propecia treatments. I am also concerned about the side affect that come along with it. I was hoping to get information on a inexpensive hair growth regimen.

    Dear J,

    The truth is, if you are contending with androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) your first line of attack should always be to take the hormonal route. Propecia is an extremely effective drug that stops or slows the progression of hair loss in the vast majority of men who use it. There is also a relatively large percetage of men who receive significant cosmetically appreciable regrowth. By not using this incredibly effective treatment, it is my opinion that you are doing yourself a great disservice. Just so you know, insurance does not cover Propecia, so even if you had good health coverage you would still be responsible for paying for it out of pocket.

    With that said, in most parts of the country, Propecia will cost approximately $55 / month. If your hair loss concerns you to the point where you seeking treatment, it would be my suggestion to perhaps forgo a dinner out once a month so that you can afford this relatively inexpensive treatment.

    If this is absolutely out of the question then you could aways give generic minoxidil a try. Generic minoxidil cost approximately $20 / month. Whatever you do, do not waste your hard earned money on any of the countless, questionable hair loss products you see being advertised on the internet, late night television infomercials, or on the radio.

    As far as your concern for the side effects of Propecia, any reported side effects occurred in less than 2% of those patients taking the drug during clinical trials. If for some reason you were to experience any adverse side effects you could always stop taking the medication. It is also important to note that approximately 60% of those that did experience side effects only experienced them temporarily, and were able to continue taking the medication.

    I wish there were more hair loss treatment options available, unfortunately the above mentioned are the only two FDA approved hair loss treatments. If you haven’t already consulted with a physician, it is imperative to receive a professional medical diagnosis before considering either of the two treatments I suggested.

    Hope this helps.

    Spencer Kobren
    Host of The Bald Truth Radio Show
    Founder, American Hair Loss Association
    Founder and Director of Consumer/Patient Affairs, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS.ORG)



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