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Steve Gillen, “the Gillenator” began researching HT techniques 29 years ago with very few doctors performing the procedures and very limited information available.  He has counseled and worked with virtually thousands of HT patients worldwide and as a result, seen the work of hundreds of HT doctors.  He has been the recipient of four separate HT procedures for approximately 6900 grafts beginning at a Norwood class 5.  Steve has worked inside the clinic both on the business side and lastly as Vice-President/Director of Patient Care. Steve decided in 2004 to engage the field as an independent patient/consumer advocate in the Washington DC area with the financial support and endorsement of several renowned physicians.  At that time, “the Gillenator” as many of us know him, began assisting hairloss sufferers online.  With three decades of research and observations, Steve offers unbiased patient education and counseling in the field of surgical hair restoration.  On a limited basis, he also offers patients and victims of the industry counseling and mediation without charge to the patient.

Before Hair Transplant

His academic background includes an undergraduate B.S. in Business Administration, Small Business Management, and he is also still working to complete a graduate degree in Christian Counseling and Psychology.

Steve and his wife Betty reside in the greater Washington DC area.  They are also involved in their community and as volunteers at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland and Walter Reed Medical Center in DC.  They have a son serving as a U.S. Marine and currently deployed in Iraq.  Steve also works with outreach efforts to homeless vets, teens, and juveniles.



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