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    Broadcasting Live from TBT studios in Los Angeles and London, Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth UK is the latest offshoot of Kobren’s critically acclaimed, nationally syndicated radio show that has touched the lives of countless U.S. hair loss sufferers for more than 14 years.

    Internationally recognized, UK based online hair transplant guru and patient educator, Spencer (Spex) Stevenson has been selected to be Kobren’s side kick for the UK’s first on air support group for men and women suffering from the emotionally devastating condition of hair loss.

    Studio Line: 0203 3724 683

    Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Part 2

    Wayne Rooney Hair Transplant Part 1

    Hair Transplant Downtime – What’s The Truth?

    I Thought Everyone Paints Their Bald Spot! Part 4

    Propecia…I Love it! Ed From London Gives His Take. Part 3

    Hair Loss – Is My Career Im Jeopardy! UK Ed Part 2

    I’m Ed, And I’m Losing My Hair! Part 1

    Propecia In The UK – Rich’s Story Clip 1

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    The Bald Truth UK – Hair Transplants and Propecia- July 13, 2013

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    The Bald Truth UK Segment – June 20, 2013

    The Bald Truth UK Archive – May 5, 2013

    The Bald Truth UK Archive – BBC Radio 4 presenter Jolyon Jenikins Talks Hair Loss

    Hair Loss In The UK Clip #3

    Hair Loss In The UK Clip #2

    Hair Loss In The UK – Stuck In The Club Clip #1

    Hair Transplant UK Clip #4

    Hair Transplant UK Clip #3

    Hair Transplant UK Clip #2

    Jason Gardiner Opens Up About Hair Loss: Part 1

    Jason Gardiner may be best known as the acid-tongued judge on ITVs Dancing On Ice, but when it comes to hair loss, he has a huge soft spot for the countless UK men and women who suffer in silence with a common condition that society still doesn’t allow them to openly discuss.

    Spencer Kobren sat down with Jason for a one on one, intimate look into Jason’s personal struggles with hair loss, and why he chose to go public with his hair restoration journey.

    Part 2

    London Hair Transplants – Listen And Learn

    Clip #1

    Clip #2

    Clip #3

    Clip # 4

    Clip # 5

    Propecia In The UK Clip #1

  • Spencer Kobren – Hair Loss For Christmas

    This week on Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth, Spencer discusses a recent conversation he had with Dr. Jerry Cooley about the use of ACell in surgical hair restoration and his latest findings in its efficacy in improving hair transplant repair surgery.

    For daily updates on the world of hair loss follow Spencer Kobren on Twitter @spencerkobren

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