• Silvio Berlusconi’s Hair Transplant – Apparently Bill Gates Doesn’t Approve

    This week, Bill Gates made it perfectly clear that he was unimpressed with Silvio Berlusconi’s foreign aid policy, declaring that the Italian Prime minster was on his “shame list.” Fair enough, since an annual report published by Gates’ foundation accused Italy of being “uniquely stingy among European donors.” Italy’s foreign aid budget was 0.11% of its GDP in 2009, half of what it was the year before. Even so, was it really necessary for the Microsoft founder turned philanthropist, to take a cheap shot at Berlusconi’s decision to have a hair transplant?

    In a moment of unabashed chastisement, Gates took the opportunity to tie his criticism of the prime minster’s foreign policy to Berlusconi’s personal decision to shell out  his own money for a hair transplant.

    “Rich people spend a lot more money on their own problems, like baldness, than they do to fight malaria,” Gates told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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  • Sex, Lies and Hair Transplants – Former Bosley Employee Sues For Sexual Harassment

    Otis Duffy a former hair transplant salesman working in Bosley Medical’s Manhattan and New Jersey offices, filed a $3 million lawsuit on Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court citing sexual harassment.

    Duffy states that after he complained about unwanted advances from female colleagues, he was ordered to take a sex harassment course and then fired.

    “If I wanted a girl rubbing her breasts in my face, I would go to a strip club,” Duffy said.

    A part time actor who played one season of pro basketball in Ireland, Duffy said he’s been out of work since being unfairly fired.

    Duffy also stated that he complained to his bosses at Bosley about his female co-worker’s inappropriate and downright raunchy behavior, which allegedly included fondling his backside, grinding against him and propositioning him for sex.

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  • I’m 16 and I’m Going Bald!

    Hair loss at any age can be devastating, but to begin the hair loss process as a teenager is beyond the scope of what most teens will ever be forced to cope with. A larger percentage of boys deal with the early onset of male pattern hair loss than most people realize. An estimated 20% of hair loss sufferers begin the process of balding before than age of twenty one, and many begin before they even graduate from high school. What these young hair loss sufferers need to know is that they are not alone and that there is life after hair loss.

    It’s important that teens confide in their parents, and  seek the advise of a physician who specializes in hair loss as soon as they notice any change in their hair. Early intervention is always the key to the effective treatment of hair loss, but immediate emotional support can be even more important during this extremely vulnerable time in a young hair loss sufferers life.

    Last week a young man posted his story and plea for help on the BaldtruthTalk.com message forums:

    “I am a 16 year old boy, and this is my story. For about a year now, I have been losing my hair.”

    “Every single day, I dedicated it to finding a cure. But found nothing.. I discovered Hair Restoration on the internet, and went to a hair restoration company.. The lady at the consultation felt bad for me, so she sent me to see a surgeon.. Once I saw him, all he did was prescribe me Propecia, and tell me that my donor area was outstanding (really good). But I couldn’t fill it because they said I had to be 18.. I bought a very expensive wig to cover it up, but it makes me feel faker than ever when I wear it.. I can’t do the activities I wish to do with it on either, or it will just fall off.. I cry a lot because of it.. I don’t go outside anymore because of it.. And it hurts so much emotionally because of my age.. Some nights, I even cry myself to sleep because of it.” “I wish someone could fix this, and make it go away.”

    Listen to Spencer Kobren’s audio response to this young man’s post:

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