• Propecia Does Not Increase Prostate Cancer Risk According to Chief Medical Officer of The American Cancer Society

    The news has spread far and wide through the hair loss community that the Food and Drug Administration expanded their warning last Thursday on a group of drugs which includes finasteride (Proscar/Propecia), stating that using these drugs may increase the risk of high grade prostate cancer.

    The latest  warning indicates that 5 alpha reductase inhibitors (which include the hair loss drug Propecia) are linked to a greater risk of high grade prostate cancers. However, many physicians, including prostate cancer specialists, believe that these drugs actually improve the ability to detect aggressive tumors that already exist in patients, which can prove to be life saving.

    According to Otis Brawley, M.D., chief medical officer and executive vice president of the American Cancer Society, this latest FDA warning has been misinterpreted by many and he felt it was important to set the record straight.

    Spencer Kobren speaks with Dr. Otis Brawley of The American Cancer Society

  • Early Onset Male Pattern Baldness May Be Linked To Lower Incidence Of Prostate Cancer

    According to researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine, men who develop early onset male pattern baldness had a significant reduction in the risk of prostate cancer. The researchers studied 2000 men aged 40 to 47.

    At first, the findings were surprising,” said professor Jonathan Wright of the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. “But we found that early onset baldness was associated with a 29 percent to 45 percent reduction in their relative risk of prostate cancer.

    Helen Rippon, head of research management at The Prostate Cancer Charity, added: “If these results are correct, they could be useful in providing us with a greater understanding of how testosterone behaves in the body and how it can affect different tissues.

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  • Hair Loss Pill Fights Cancer

    Looks like Finasteride, sold as Propecia to combat male pattern hair loss, has been clinically proven to help prevent prostate cancer but there are still questions left to be answered about the drug. 

    This is the first medication that has demonstrated the ability to help prevent prostate disease, experts said. The American Cancer Society notes that more than 186,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. Nearly 29,000 die of it. That is why such special attention is being paid to Finasteride.

    While previous studies show that Finasteride reduces the overall likelihood of getting prostate cancer by 25%, some doctors are concerned that Finasteride may increase the risk of developing the deadliest types of tumors. However, the most recent analyses have nearly dismissed these worries. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the American Urological Association, the drug’s benefits are a good enough reason for men to discuss Finasteride with their doctors. Read more ›



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